Twelve exciting facts about Denmark that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. (Not really.)

We've just come back from our trip to Denmark, our second foray in four years.

Denmark 2012

By all means make with the clicky so that you can fully appreciate how much I like wiener jokes and foreign phrases that look funny in English.

Olivia was Matron of Honour at her cousin's wedding. It was super fun. And the reception was held in a 400-year-old bastion. Super cool.

Ruth and Peter's wedding reception, Frederik's Bastion

Denmark has quickly become one of my favourite places to visit. Here are some great things about Denmark.

  • No tipping!

  • Cyclists everywhere, with dedicated bike lanes

  • A nation-binding sense of humour that I still haven't grasped, but I'm pretty sure is based on sarcasm and pretending you're cheap.

  • Stunningly efficient transit system. There were no fewer than two bus routes right outside our hotel that ran every 5 minutes. And those klippekorts are so damn cool.

  • Increased day length. I'm pretty sure it would only get dark after 10:30pm.

Here are some less great things about Denmark.

  • Everything is so expensive. We saved up for eight months and still couldn't pay for the entire trip without dipping into our actual money. A good rule of thumb is that everything costs twice as much as it does in Canada, including food. You eventually become inured to it, but every once in a while you do the mental math and realize you spent $150 on a dinner for two that was pretty crappy. Eventually I found myself not tipping out of spite, rather than out of custom.

  • I thought we were the only country that treated their native population like garbage.

  • Non-tourist places appear to shut down after 5:00pm on weekends. This is extra ridiculous considering there are more than five hours of sunlight left (see above).


New Beginnings

Ten years ago, I started a blog. My philosophy was that blogging was far less intrusive than my previous tactic of sending mass emails out to all and sundry.

Looking back at it, I should have stuck to email.

What was I doing ten years ago on the blogosphere?

Prolific Blogging Record

Yup. A third-year university student, in the middle of a work placement in a government lab, somehow found the time to post an average of five times a day.

Trust me. You do not want to see what I was writing about (and apologies for those of you who did. I don't think I was a very happy person.)

This time around, things are going to be less scattershot.


I have a HAM radio

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