My #Top8Cards

Hey, look! I got off my butt and wrote something!

I've been working on this off and on for a couple of weeks, but hit a wall in finishing it. As a result I've decided the best way to complete this and get it posted is to explain my choices in haiku form instead of dithering over paragraphs.

And so, with Sam in bed and a Pastis in hand, let's see the list (in no particular order):

  • Dark Ritual

High school's best first turn:
A swamp, Ritual, Sol Ring…
Juggernaut. Cackle.

  • Astral Slide

Though I'd stopped playing,
Slide was the first card
That screamed, "Build 'round me!"

  • Gravecrawler

Tickled my fancy
For combos and recurred threats
Oh, also zombies.

  • Hellrider

You mean it's OK
To overextend your board
Because of this guy?

  • Huntmaster of the Fells

Loved him in Jund decks:
My turn, nothing, flip; and then,
Your turn, two spells, flip.

  • Young Pyromancer

Go wide! No, wider!
Squeeze every drop of value
Out of Lightning Bolt.

  • Monastery Swiftspear

Notice a trend with these?
Come down fast, hit hard, cast spells.
I foiled these ones, too.

  • Nekusar, The Mindrazer

For EDH fun,
Your group hugs cause so much pain.
Good to be villain.

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